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Trust Me! Ask Nelson Mandella

The Measurable Management® blog has an edited extract from the book "Quality Sales Through Measurable Management". This book is 85% the same book as "Cultural Change Through Measurable Management" but slanted towards those with a sales background or a responsibility for sales. It speaks to the importance of developing a listening or pull style in order to develop trust within teams and with customers.

Measurable Managment® Nominated for 2011 United Nations NGO Peace Award

We are honored and very proud to announce that Robin Byrne's Measurable Management® has been nominated for the 2011 United Nations NGO Positive Peace Award. Read more

Cultural Change - What is it?

Cultural Change - What is it? We often hear talk of changing the culture of an organization but what does it mean? What exactly is the culture of an organization? Read more

Measurable Outcomes

Business leaders today spend a significant amount of time and energy crafting the strategies and direction that their companies should take, but communicating that vision and implementing that strategy is no easy task. Read more

Quality Sales Through Measurable Management®

Quality Sales Through Measurable Management® is the second book in the series and is now available. This book is a vehicle for aligning the entire organization behind the sales department to deliver measurable outcomes. Purchase book