The author of the Measurable Management® Program, Robin Byrne, is an Internationally acclaimed organizational development expert who developed the program out of his leadership experience with Xerox Corporation in the UK. During his responsibilities for Xerox sales operations in the Northeast of England, he observed the personnel attending all kinds of "flavor of the month" programs, yet he didn't see any significant improvement in their attitudes or performance. He searched for a program that would deliver results into the key issues that Robin, as a manager of Xerox, was being measured. Finding none, he developed a people-focused quality integrated learning program that delivers results into the key measures for success. From these efforts, Measurable Management® was born.

FT Knowledge, owned by the Financial Times Newspaper, offered Robin a publishing contract to formalize and package the program. With their assistance, Measurable Management® was developed further.

The program was marketed and delivered in the U.K., Europe, South Africa and Southeast Asia. It was Robin's dream to bring Measurable Management® to the U.S. In 2002, he received an invitation from the University of South Dakota and with their assistance, Robin began delivering the program to many different kinds of organizations in the U.S. Robin now has a large established network of providers across the U.S. as shown on our Map of Providers.