Measurable Management® is a superb vehicle for helping all types of organizations translate strategy into measurable outcomes while initiating change that is both sustainable and profitable.

Our Approach

Measurable Management® is aimed at team leaders, supervisors and first-line managers. The objective of the Measurable Management® Program is to develop a customer-focused culture that will translate strategy into measurable outcomes by engaging these team leaders to facilitate change. Learn more

Program Structure

The Measurable Management® Program will take place over a 7-month period. The participants will meet every two weeks for the first seven group meetings and then monthly for the last four meetings. Each meeting lasts approximately three hours. Learn more

Study Guide/Schedule

See the schedule and study guide. Go!

Other Initiatives

Even the best of "Strategic Management Initiatives" can be met with resistance and skepticism and often end up as costly, yet neglected tools in the management tool kit. Why? Because... Learn more

Program Evolution

The author of the Measurable Management® Program, Robin Byrne, is an Internationally acclaimed organizational development expert who developed the program out of his leadership experience with Xerox Corporation in the UK. Learn more

Buy the Book!

A guide to developing a culture that embraces change as a welcome opportunity. A vehicle for translating strategy into measurable outcomes. Measurable Management is a people focused approach to delivering improvement into any organization with minimal resistance to change. The other version of this book "Quality Sales Through Measurable Management" is essentially 85% the same book but will appeal to readers with a background in Sales and Marketing. Go!